Ongoing Projects

Philosophical Biology

  1. Framework for philosophical biology (PDF)

  2. 'Mechanism-plus-X' paradigm in biology (PDF)


Cell Biology

  1. Protein structure: Disordered domains as generative domains (Abstract)

  2. Neurodegenerative Disease: Prion and ZIP proteins (Paper 1)  (Paper 2)  (Paper 3)  (Paper 4)

    • Relevant paper: Zhang T, Sui D, Hu J (2016). "Structural insights of ZIP4 extracellular domain critical for optimal zinc transport". Nat Commun 7, 11979 (Link)

    • Relevant paper: Taylor KM, Muraina IA, Brethour D, Schmitt-Ulms G, Nimmanon T, Ziliotto S, Kille P, Hogstrand C (2016). "Zinc transporter ZIP10 forms a heteromer with ZIP6 which regulates embryonic development and cell migration". Biochem J 473(16), 2531-44 (Link)

  3. Neurodegenerative Disease: Synuclein gene family and Zeo1 in yeast (PDF)

  4. Protein biology: Trends in polyglutamine (polyQ) tracts across the human proteome in normal and disease biology (Figures)

  5. Methodology: Fluorescence-to-OD Ratio Assay (FLORA) for the quantitation of genetic and chemical modification of proteotoxicity in yeast (Slides)

  6. Medicine: Seasonality and pathobiology (PDF)

    • Relevant paper: Smith MA, Barnes EL, Chiosea SI (2011). "Pathology Archive: Evaluation of Integrity, Regulatory Compliance, and Construction of Searchable Database From Print Reports". Am J Clin Pathol 135(5), 753-9 (Link)


Educational Methodology

  1. Representational models of amino acid chemistry: The delivery medium as the message (PDF)