Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Metaphysics of Science (PHIL0061); Luke Fenton-Glynn

Department of Philosophy, University College London


2016 and 2015

Teaching Fellow

The Toll of Infection: Understanding Disease in Scientific, Social, and Cultural Contexts (Science of Living Systems 26); Don GoldmannKenneth McIntosh

Program in General Education, Harvard College



Planned course

Are There Inherent Limits to Our Understanding in Biology? A Challenge and Exploration Based on Diseases of the Nervous System (7.345)

MIT Biology (A course in the Advanced Undergraduate Seminars series of courses; Organized by H. Robert Horvitz)

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Teaching Fellow

Global Health Challenges: Complexities of Evidence-Based Policy (Societies of the World 24); Sue J. Goldie

Program in General Education, Harvard College



Teaching Certificate Program, and EdTech (Educational Technology) Teaching Certificate Program (2016)

MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory

  • Teaching Philosophy Statement (PDF)
  • EdTech Project: Representational models of amino acid chemistry: The delivery medium as the message (PDF)